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GCFM Newsletters

The Garden Club Federation Of Massachusetts offers a variety of courses:

Environmental Studies School covers all aspects of environmental issues.

Flower Show School is a complete program for growing, showing and judging horticulture and design.

Gardening Study School presents basic garden information by specialists in the field.

Landscape Design School is a comprehensive overview of landscape design and its history.

All courses are accredited and taught by National Garden Club approved instructors.

Upon successful completion of two courses, you may become a provisional member of Landscape Design Critics Council, Gardening Study Council, or an Environmental Studies Council. After completing three courses of Flower Show School successfully, you become a Student Judge and a provisional member of Judges' Council. After passing all of the proscribed courses in a subject area, you become a full member of these study groups.


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L-R: Bonnie Rosenthall, LFGC member and former GCFM President; Suzanne McCance, former GCFM President; Ann Webster, LFGC member and  former GCFM Treasurer.